School Capital Project Updates

School Capital Project Updates Main Image

Here are some of the school capital projects that are currently underway or have been completed in the Bentleigh electorate.


School Upgrades


Bayside Special Developmental School – $11.6 million

Stage One redevelopment.

Status: Complete 2019


Bayside Special Developmental School – $3.45 million

Stage Two redevelopment.

Status: Complete 2022


Bentleigh Secondary College  $13.4 million

The Da Vinci Centre (new STEAM facility – science, technology, engineering, arts and maths), as well as two new competition grade courts.

Status: Complete 2019


Bentleigh Secondary College  $13.317 million

Performing arts centre

Status: Under construction


Bentleigh West Primary School – $450,000

New art room.

Status: Complete 2019


Cheltenham Secondary College – $7.3 million

New junior classrooms to replace relocatable rooms and to create a masterplan for the school

Status: Design stage


Cheltenham Secondary College – $6.3 million

New years 10-12 senior wing

Status: Complete 2019


East Bentleigh Primary School – $5 million

Performing arts centre.

Status: Complete 2020


Hampton East School – $2.48 million

Hospitality building, new multipurpose teaching spaces, a central courtyard and toilets.

Status: Complete 2019


Hampton East School – $12.19 million

Two new buildings to accommodate merger of Berendale School and Katandra School on the Berendale site

Status: Under construction


Holmesglen TAFE Moorabbin Campus – $8 million

Student Hub.

Status: Complete 2017


McKinnon Primary School – $12.6 million

Upgraded classrooms and removal of four relocatable buildings to construct a new two-storey permanent facility.

Status: Design stage


McKinnon Secondary College – $9 million

Three-storey VCE Centre.

Status: Complete 2018


McKinnon Secondary College – $74.1 million

New campus.

Status: Complete 2022


Moorabbin Primary School  – $15.86 million

New classrooms and gymnasium

Status: Under construction


OLSH College – $1.2 million ($500k from State Government)

Performing arts centre.

Status: Complete 2018


Ormond Primary School – $2.3 million

Upgraded classrooms and STEAM centre

Status: Complete 2020


Our Lady of the Assumption School – $1.98 million

Discovery Centre – Library, STEM space and community area

Status: Complete 2023


Southern Autistic School – $7.4 million

Stage one redevelopment

Status: Complete 2021


Southern Autistic School – $6.6 million

Stage two redevelopment

Status: Complete 2023


Southmoor Primary School – $2.5 million

New modular building and school maintenance.

Status: Complete 2018


St Paul’s Primary School  – $1 million

Upgrade of classrooms

Status: Complete 2022


St Peter’s Primary School  – $1 million

Upgrade of classrooms

Status: Complete 2020


Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary – $3 million

Multipurpose indoor court.

Status: Complete 2018


Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary – $4.5 million

New administration area, classrooms and canteen.

Status: Complete 2022


Valkstone Primary School – $3.72 million

Stage Two redevelopment.

Status: Complete 2018


School Pride and Sports Fund and Minor Capital Works grants


Bentleigh Secondary College – $79,100

Courtyard upgrade


Berendale School – $180,165

New fence


Cheltenham East Primary School – $104,000

New outdoor space.


Cheltenham East Primary School – $500,000

Upgrade to toilet block.


Cheltenham Secondary College – $413,400

Upgrade to toilet block.


Coatesville Primary School – $363,000

Upgrade of oval


East Bentleigh Primary School – $150,000

School refurbishment


McKinnon Primary School – $280,000

Synthetic sports ground


McKinnon Secondary College – $45,120

New fence


Moorabbin Primary School – $100,000

New playground


Ormond Primary School  $100,000 

New synthetic sports turf


Ormond Primary School  $30,000

New playground


Southern Autistic School – $15,000

Junior toilets


Southmoor Primary School – $311,165

New playground


Inclusive Schools Fund grants


Le Page Primary School – $200,000

Outdoor inclusive learning space