Bentleigh Electorate Crossword Answers

March 2021 Crossword


1. Which local Chinese restaurant celebrates its 60th anniversary this year? FONGS

2. In April 1965, St Kilda Football Club played its first match in Moorabbin against which club? COLLINGWOOD

3. Before it was called Ritchies IGA, what was the supermarket in East Bentleigh called? Another word for diamond, ruby or sapphire. JEWEL

4. A famous face in St Kilda. LUNAPARK

5. The Wurlitzer theatre organ from the old State Theatre (now Forum Theatre) can now be found in which venue in the Bentleigh electorate? KINGSTONCITYHALL

6. Which road in the Bentleigh electorate has three schools on it? BIGNELL

9. The Tait trains serviced Melbourne’s railway network for much of the 20th century and were also known as the ___ Rattlers. RED

14. The first European settlement in Victoria was in which coastal town in 1803? SORRENTO

15. Nick’s office on Centre Road was once a shop where he would buy which essential school item? UNIFORM

16. The first film to screen at the Moorabbin drive-in cinema when it opened in 1966 was starring Michael Caine. What was it called? ALFIE

17. Surname of the famous aviator born in Moorabbin. HAWKER

18. The local suburb named after the indigenous word for “resting place.” MOORABBIN

19. Which major public transport project was completed 40 years ago and completely changed Melbourne’s train network? CITYLOOP


7. Surname of a Tucker Road farmer who had a local road and train station named after him. PATTERSON

8. The stations within the Andrews Government’s new Metro Tunnel will be Arden, Parkville, State Library, Town Hall and ________. ANZAC

10. McKinnon Road was once known as _________ Road? Shares a name with a city in England. Also, another word for household linen. MANCHESTER

11. Surname of the first Labor MP for the seat of Bentleigh. HOCKLEY

12. During “the Great Fire” at Flinders Street in 1897, the publican at Young and Jackson’s was able to save his barrels by rolling them over to which nearby building? STPAULSCATHEDRAL

13. A park in Hampton East named after a former mayor of Moorabbin. BASTERFIELD

20. In 1968, Southland beat which Melbourne CBD building to win a prestigious architectural award? NATIONALGALLERYOFVICTORIA



December 2020 Crossword


5. Which secondary college did Nick attend in the Bentleigh electorate? STJAMES

7. Traditional custodians of our local area. BOONWURRUNG

10. Which Melbourne Christmas Eve tradition


11. Which major shopping centre opened in

1968 in Cheltenham? SOUTHLAND

12. Surname of the first MP for Bentleigh. SUGGETT

13. Which road intersecting with Centre Road once had a roundabout? EASTBOUNDARY

14. A department store stood on the same site on Centre Road between 1956 and 2018. It opened as Coles and Coy. What was it called when it closed? TARGET

15. When Moorabbin Station opened in 1881, what was it called? SOUTHBRIGHTON

16. In 1950, the State Government purchased land at Anne St McKinnon for 10150 pounds to build a HOSPITAL.

19. On which market gardening family’s land was St Peter’s Primary School built in 1865? A nearby road is named after them. BRADY


1. James Bent, father of former Premier and Bentleigh’s namesake Sir Thomas Bent, established which local hotel in 1861? (then The Gardeners’ Arms): MCKINNON

2. When Nepean Highway was built in the 1850s, it was called ARTHURS Seat Road.

3. A school in Hampton East. BERENDALE

4. At which local bowls club was one of the first televised games of bowls played on the ABC in the 1970s? MOORABBIN

6. Moorabbin Junction is divided into three council areas: Kingston, Glen Eira and BAYSIDE.

8. Prior to 1908, the area from the Brighton shoreline to East Boundary Road was known as EASTBRIGHTON.

9. What is the eight day holiday observed by the Jewish community around Christmas time? CHANUKAH

15. Which major arterial road in the Bentleigh electorate is being upgraded? SOUTH

17. What opened on the corner of Centre and Jasper roads in 1963? SAFEWAY

18. Surname of St Kilda’s all time leading goal kicker. LOCKETT

June 2020 Crossword


4. The name of the local book shop on Centre Road in Bentleigh: BENNS

8. The number of level crossings removed in the Bentleigh electorate in 2016: THREE

9. A ______ once stood on the corner of Centre Road and Nicholson Street: CINEMA

11. The name of my dog. It starts with H and ends with D: HAROLD

13. The closest major shopping centre to Hampton East: SOUTHLAND

15. The name of the bar next to the Bentleigh Rotunda: SONDER

17. This TAFE has a campus in Moorabbin: HOLMESGLEN

19. The number of brothers who operate a brewery on Joyner Street: TWO

20. The hospital on Centre Road: MOORABBIN

21. The local council area that most overlaps with the Bentleigh electorate: GLEN EIRA

23. Bentleigh is named after Thomas… BENT


1. The medal former local Olympian Gael Mulhall won: BRONZE

2. Another word for area and a fine brewer of coffee on Brewer Road: DISTRICT

3. The park which is third in line to the British throne: KING GEORGE

5. The nickname of the McKinnon Hotel: MACCA

6. Largest school within 3204 postcode: MCKINNON

7. A place of worship and also a road in our electorate: CHAPEL

10. The closest university to Bentleigh: MONASH

12. The name of the park on Jasper Road in Ormond: JOYCE

14. The number of schools in the Bentleigh electorate: TWENTY

16. The number of premierships our local AFL team has won: ONE

18. The name of the famous pioneer family in the area (Hint: They were market gardeners): MARRIOTT

22. The nut you can find on Wheatley Road: ALL

August 2020 Crossword


3. The name of Bentleigh Electorate’s only golf course: YARRA YARRA

8. The name of the famous artist who lived in nearby Murrumbeena: BOYD

9. Which former Soviet spies lived secretly in East Bentleigh until their deaths? Mr and Mrs PETROV

10. The last remaining level crossing in the Bentleigh electorate is on which road? WICKHAM

14. The suburb in the Bentleigh electorate with the least number of letters: ORMOND

15. The next closest level crossing to the Bentleigh electorate to be removed by the Andrews Government: GLEN HUNTLY

17. Which suburb once hosted a secret wireless receiving station during the second World War? MOORABBIN

19. What once stood on the site of the service station on Centre Road? SCHOOL

20. The area between East Boundary Road and the bay was yielding more of which fruit than the rest of Australia in the 1850s? GRAPES

21. The first female Mayor of the old City of Moorabbin. A local sports pavilion is named after her. JULIECOOPER

23. The surname of the AFL premiership coach who played for St Peter’s Football Club. Also, another word for drink. BEVERIDGE


1. The only road in Bentleigh that starts with the letter ‘U’: UONGA

2. Prior to 2000, Hampton East was known as _______ MOORABBIN WEST

4. The 1983 Stawell Gift winner came from Bentleigh. What was his name? DALLAS OBRIEN

5. Prior to 1882, the current Frankston line ceased at which train station? MORDIALLOC

6. Bentleigh Hodgson Reserve was once used as a RACECOURSE

7. You mustn’t leave home without your keys, wallet, phone and which other item? MASK

11. The footy team based in Hampton East are known as which Aussie animal? KANGAROOS

12. Which landmark on Nepean Hwy opened in 1963? TOWN HALL

13. The primary school in East Bentleigh that Nick attended as a child: ST PETERS

16. What school has an item of clothing in its name? COATESVILLE

18. This three-letter word is something that is used for storage and is also a cottage museum at Joyce Park, Ormond: BOX

22. Name of the local market gardening family who paid £41 for four and a half acres of land on the corner of Jasper and Centre roads in 1850? LEES