8. The Victorian number plate slogan seen on vehicles most commonly throughout the 1980s. GARDENSTATE

10. Surname of the first female MP for the seat of Bentleigh. BARKER

11. Australian airline that went into administration in 2001. ANSETT

13. Which AFL team does Nick support? STKILDA

14. A reserve in Moorabbin named after a former mayor of the old City of Moorabbin? BRICKER

17. Park in Brighton named after a farmer from Sussex who purchased land bordered by the shoreline, North Road, East Boundary Road and South Road for £1 per acre. DENDY

18. The road that separates Bentleigh from East Bentleigh. TUCKER

19. A chain of shops started in Melbourne in 1862 and closed in 1998 that sold music and electronic appliances. There was one at Southland. BRASHS


1. At which now demolished Melbourne hotel did the Beatles stay during their visit in 1964? SOUTHERNCROSS

2. Mr _____, the man from the moon. SQUIGGLE

3. Until 1962, Melbourne Zoo offered rides on which animal? ELEPHANT

4. An annual carnival held in Melbourne. MOOMBA

5. A police station once stood directly opposite which local pub? BOUNDARYHOTEL

6. Sonder on Centre Road was once a bank. Which bank? STATEBANK

7. A community centre in East Bentleigh that was a high school which closed down in the 1990s. MOORLEIGH

9. Which Australian opera singer appears on the $100 note? DAMENELLIEMELBA

12. King Street in Hampton East was formerly known as ______ Street. PRINCE

13. Former Labor PM Bob Hawke lived in which nearby bayside suburb? SANDRINGHAM

15. In 1971, the City of Moorabbin celebrated its 100th anniversary with the opening of which park? CENTENARY

16. Name of local park that means “sandy place” in the local Indigenous language. KARKAROOK