Project Update

Here are some of the school capital projects that are currently underway or have been completed in the Bentleigh electorate.


School Upgrades


Bayside Special Developmental School – $11.6 million

Stage One redevelopment.

Status: Complete 2019


Bayside Special Developmental School – $3.45 million

Stage Two redevelopment.

Status: Under construction


Bentleigh Secondary College  $13.4 million

The Da Vinci Centre (new STEAM facility – science, technology, engineering, arts and maths), as well as two new competition grade courts.

Status: Complete 2019


Bentleigh Secondary College  $12.7 million

Performing arts centre

Status: Design stage


Bentleigh West Primary School – $450,000

New art room.

Status: Complete 2019


Berendale School – $2.48 million

Hospitality building, new multipurpose teaching spaces, a central courtyard and toilets.

Status: Complete 2019


Berendale School – $12.19 million

Two new buildings to accommodate merger of Berendale School and Katandra School on the Berendale site

Status: Funded


Cheltenham Secondary College$7 million

New junior and senior building hubs.

Status: Complete 2019


East Bentleigh Primary School – $5 million

Performing arts centre.

Status: Complete 2020


Holmesglen TAFE Moorabbin Campus – $8 million

Student Hub.

Status: Complete 2017


McKinnon Secondary College – $9 million

Three-storey VCE Centre.

Status: Complete 2018


McKinnon Secondary College – $74.1 million

New campus.

Status: Complete 2022


Moorabbin Primary School  – $15.86 million

New classrooms and gymnasium

Status: Design stage


OLSH College – $1.2 million ($500k from State Government)

Performing arts centre.

Status: Complete 2018


Ormond Primary School – $2.3 million

Upgraded classrooms and STEAM centre

Status: Complete 2020


Our Lady of the Assumption School – $1.98 million

Discovery Centre – Library, STEM space and community area

Status: Under construction


Southern Autistic School – $7.4 million

Stage one redevelopment

Status: Complete 2021


Southern Autistic School – $6.6 million

Stage two redevelopment

Status: Under construction


Southmoor Primary School – $2.5 million

New modular building and school maintenance.

Status: Complete 2018


St Paul’s Primary School  – $1 million

Upgrade of classrooms

Status: Complete 2022


St Peter’s Primary School  – $1 million

Upgrade of classrooms

Status: Complete 2020


Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary – $3 million

Multipurpose indoor court.

Status: Complete 2018


Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary – $4.5 million

New administration area, classrooms and canteen.

Status: Complete 2022


Valkstone Primary School – $3.72 million

Stage Two redevelopment.

Status: Complete 2018


School Pride and Sports Fund and Minor Capital Works grants


Bentleigh Secondary College – $79,100

Courtyard upgrade


Berendale School – $180,165

New fence


Cheltenham East Primary School – $104,000

New outdoor space.


Cheltenham East Primary School – $500,000

Upgrade to toilet block.


Cheltenham Secondary College – $413,400

Upgrade to toilet block.


Coatesville Primary School – $363,000

Upgrade of oval


East Bentleigh Primary School – $150,000

School refurbishment


McKinnon Primary School – $280,000

Synthetic sports ground


McKinnon Secondary College – $45,120

New fence


Moorabbin Primary School – $100,000

New playground


Ormond Primary School  $30,000

New playground


Southern Autistic School – $15,000

Junior toilets


Southmoor Primary School – $311,165

New playground


Inclusive Schools Fund grants


Le Page Primary School – $200,000

Outdoor inclusive learning space