Steamrail on the Frankston Line as an Annual Event

Mr Staikos (Bentleigh) — My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport and concerns the official opening of the new stations in my electorate last year where we had two heritage steam trains travelling on the Frankston line. The action I am seeking is that the minister considers making this an annual event.

Minister, at the last election we promised to remove the level crossings at Centre Road, McKinnon Road and North Road. It was a big undertaking, and we got it done last year. To celebrate such a historic project, on 12 November we had a very big day on the Frankston line with a couple of heritage steam trains travelling up and down the Frankston line paying homage to the heritage of the line. Of course these steam trains were built around the time that the original tracks were laid.

It was also a celebration of another historic event on the Frankston line, which was the Andrews government’s level crossing removals. It was a fantastic day. It brought together thousands upon thousands of members of our community. It was such a successful event that I ask the minister to consider that we make it an annual event. For four years the community had no action on public transport and no action on schools — no action on anything in my electorate.

Mr Paynter interjected.

Mr Staikos — The member for Bass is embarrassed by that, and so he should be. We have gotten on with the job, and I ask that the minister make this an annual event because such a milestone should be celebrated year after year.