More Frankston line level crossings to go under Labor

Only a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will remove five more dangerous and congested level crossings on the Frankston line – including two in Glen Huntly.

Every Victorian has their own story of level crossing frustration, whether you’re in the car, on the train, on a bike or on foot. For many, they’re more than a frustration – they’re the scene of a serious injury or, tragically, the place where a loved one was lost forever.

Before being elected, we promised to remove 20 crossings by 2018, despite only 10 removals the decade prior. The Andrews Labor Government has now consigned 29 level crossings to the history books, with 50 set to go ahead of 2022.

Because of our fast progress, we can now look to remove more of the dozens of level crossings that are slowing down our state and putting lives at risk. That’s why a re-elected Labor Government will remove 25 more, bringing the total to 75.

The Labor Government has already removed five dangerous level crossings and built five new stations on the Frankston line, with work underway to remove a further eight level crossings and build five more stations.

The five extra level crossings on the Frankston line to be removed under a re-elected Labor Government include the notorious Glen Huntly Road and Neerim Road level crossings in Glen Huntly.  Glen Huntly station will also be rebuilt through these works.

Early engineering advice suggests lowering the rail under the road. Unlike where all nine crossings were removed on the nearby Cranbourne/Pakenham line by raising the rail, the smaller project length, different train line, soil conditions and topography, and lack of physical obstacles make rail-under-road a viable solution.

Around 18,000 vehicles currently travel through these two crossings each day, with that set to grow to more than 21,000 by 2026. The boom gates at these sites can be down for over 50 per cent of the morning peak, when up to 40 trains run through the crossings.

Glen Huntly Road has one of Melbourne’s last remaining tram squares – a manually operated level crossing used by both trains and trams, where trains are required to travel at very slow speeds, exacerbating boom gate delays.

The 25 additional level crossing removals will cost $6.6 billion, made possible by Labor’s strong budget surpluses.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

“No government has ever removed this many level crossings this quickly – reducing congestion, improving public transport, saving lives and creating thousands of jobs along the way.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Bentleigh Nick Staikos

“So many local families have experienced that frustration of being stuck at those boom gates, waiting for a train to pass.”

“Only Labor can be trusted to remove these dangerous death traps, because only Labor has the track record locals can rely on.”

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